Simplicity has been our core approach. Value generation is our prime focus.

Property Junction has evolved as a preferred choice of partner for both, the developer and the investor. This has been demonstrated through the team strong understanding of the Real Estate market, proprietary relationships with leading developers and consistent returns to the investor.

Real Estate investing is a personal business and Property Junction has developed and refined its investment strategy over the past eight years.

While India has several developers that do business on a national basis, Property Junction partners with strong local developers. In negotiating an agreement with the developer, the goal is to structure the partnership such that the investors, developers and Property Junction economic interests are aligned.


Industrial funds have built a strong reputation based on good, long-term investment performance, low fees and innovative member-focused benefits like value for money Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance and access to low-cost home loans and banking products including credit cards and personal loans.


Property Junction believes in strong corporate governance, work ethics and transparency in all its dealings. Enhancement of value for originator banks / financial institutions, security receipt holders, banking sector and the economy as a whole, is the resolute aim that all our business activities are focused on. We believe in offering tailor made resolutions to distressed borrowers, through an innovative and solution oriented approach. We have been continuously unlocking the hidden potential of distressed accounts by turning around assets from a distressed to a standard state.